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Where's the Smoke?

Smoked bbq pulled pork, crispy onions, green onions, pickle & holy aioli.

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Holy Perogy!

Holy Perogy! was born out of love for perogies, respect for tradition, and an adventurous quest to create modern high-quality fast food. Holy Perogy! is the first perogy restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area that brings together the fusion of cultures from all over the world in a single mouthwatering menu.

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Mini Donuts served hot and fresh.Our unique recipe uses a blend of wheat flour, barley flour, soy flour and potato flour.

Fast food

Umami Burger is an restaurant that specializes in gourmet hamburgers.



Fried or grilled. Bold or tame. Dripping with yolk or piled high with avo. Whatever your foodie cravings, you need Sam's Crispy Chicken.

We don't play by the rules. Krispy Rice brings sophisticated restaurant creations and convenience together as a dining experience you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

Krispy Rice your way? Hai, onegaishimasu (yes please)! Fast and fresh, oisshii (delicious) flavors with a Cali-twist – when you want and where you want. What ever your genki is (motivating spirit).

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Introducing an elevated sushi experience that's

anything but ordinary

Smart Food Order Pickup.

It’s a new day. And order pickup lockers are just what your looking for.

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